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Rasha Fahed

Challenge: Rasha Fahed sought help from I-MAD Technology to expand her business and services, including social media management, business development strategy, and exit strategy planning.

Solution: I-MAD Technology managed Rasha Fahed's social media presence and developed a business development strategy, adding new products like sunscreen and piercing aftercare. The team also prepared an exit strategy, setting up a franchise program and upgrading her products.

Results: Rasha Fahed's business grew significantly, with increased revenue and visibility from social media management and new product offerings. The exit strategy laid the groundwork for future growth and expansion.

Impact: Rasha Fahed's collaboration with I-MAD Technology resulted in successful business expansion, reaching a wider audience and planning for future growth through franchising.

Conclusion: I-MAD Technology provided a comprehensive solution for Rasha Fahed's business expansion, leading to increased revenue and growth and setting the foundation for future success.


Rasha Fahed


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